NodeJS Developer (Middle / Senior)

Job Description

  • Participate in designing, building and deploying back-end API services with Node.js
  • Integrate with front-end applications
  • Complete the assignments according to schedule
  • Continuously optimize and upgrade source code to ensure quality, stability and safety
  • Proactive in researching and applying new technologies
  • Support and coordinate with other functions and departments

Skills & Experience

  • At least 2+ years of experience developing back-end API services with Node.js
  • Proficient in JavaScript, ECMAScript6+, TypeScript, and knowledge of Nest.js
  • Good understanding of micro-services architecture, its core principles and challenges
  • Good understanding of object oriented analysis and design
  • Proficient in Git, SVN
  • Experience with MQ (Kafka), NoSQL DB (Cassandra), DB Search Engine (ElasticSearch), Redis, DDD, CQRS and EventSourcing is a big plus

Why You’ll Love Working Here

  • Attractive salary and benefits (13th salary, distinguished employee of the quarter and year, seniority award…)
  • Performance appraisal twice a year
  • Healthcare and accident insurance
  • Lunch allowance, OT meal allowance
  • Various training on best practices and soft skills
  • Team building activities in every summer, company trip, big annual year-end party every year, etc
  • Fitness & sports activities: football, tennis, table-tennis, badminton…
  • Commitment to community development: charity every quarter, blood donation, public seminars, career orientation talks…
  • Support for personal loans such as: home loan, vehicle loan, tuition fee…
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